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Glasses and Music Sheet

About the Studio

Located in the heart of Edmond, OK

Vivace Piano Studio is owned and operated by Jessica Headley near downtown Edmond. The studio is where we offer private piano lessons, accompaniment options, and piano for weddings/private events.
All services are by appointment only. To contact Jessica, click HERE.
We specialize in private lessons.
Piano lessons are more than just learning about music. Yes, we want to grow you as an artist. Yes, we want to give you the tools to express yourself through music.
But did you know...

Piano lessons are also about learning self-discipline, focus, patience, and motivation.  Piano teaches life skills such as long term commitment, perseverance, organization, self respect, and confidence.

All of these things are important qualities to have for self-growth.  Because music is so much like learning a new language, there is so much that can be communicated through music, such as emotions, pictures, stories, etc.  

Music can be an excellent form of expression.

Opening up to the world of music will be beneficial and nurturing in the long term. 

Contact me to book your private lessons!

  • WEDDINGS.  Please contact me about playing for your wedding!  


  • PRIVATE EVENTS. Need some light background music at your event? Contact me for your event!

  • ACCOMPANIMENT. Need a pianist to rehearse with you or play at your event? Contact me!

  • Need a space to teach music lessons part-time in Edmond?

  • Need a space to record?

  • Need a space to rehearse with your group?


Studio space is first come,

first serve, so please contact for availability

and contract options



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Please see "STUDIO POLICY" page on the main menu to download the full PDF document.

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